I’m Gusti. Your "unusual" Tech guy.

I live in Jakarta, Indonesia, where I help my family live a better life. I started to love all the things related to Technology in the early 2004s when the internet came to my area and the era of "Warnet" began. I still remember the first time experienced using Yahoo and surfing the internet with Webcrawler before Google was popular. From that, I spent most of my time on Warnet learning Windows and other Microsoft technology and decided to take my vocational high school in the Computer and Networking Engineering field so that I could be an IT guy after graduation.

However, during school, I found out that there are software engineering fields that interest me more. But, due to financial problems, my parent couldn't afford me a laptop to learn those cool things so sometimes I slept at the school computer lab or at my friend's home to learn about web development together. Since this software engineering field was not linear with my vocational field, I kept this dream and continued to live my real life and sharpen my skills in IT to work as IT Support in several companies, still the IT guy I dreamed of.

I have enough courage to pursue my dream as a software engineer when I worked at SoftBank, I felt that the demand in that area was relatively high but the supply was still not enough. So, I believe I can fill that gap and start again but now with the focus on the full-stack web development area with PHP Laravel, Phyton, Vue.js and React.js as my expertise until now.

The interesting part is I learned product management and project management as well to make sure I have enough understanding of the complete SDLC processes and the empathy we needed for our product and engineering team which brings me now on my current role as a TPM in Superbank.

I am very passionate about learning, collaborating with cross-functional teams, and delivering successful projects.

If you are looking for someone who has a balance in the Product and Tech world, I might be your best fit for a generalist specialist in the area. Should you have any inquiries or would like to connect, feel free to reach out to me.